Sample report and how to interpret it

Sample Report
Sample Report Click here to view a full size pdf sample page.

How to Interpret
To understand how to interpret individual lines within the report.
The image below contains one line from the report and the text below describes the entry.

Line Entry

Reading from left to right.
  • The number to the left "219569" is the serial number of the rifle.
  • The next number is 97 which indicates the model number 1897.
  • The next number is 22/24 which indicates a 22 caliber rifle and the 24 indicates a 24" barrel.
  • The next word is "oct" which indicates an octagon barrel.
  • The next word is "PG" which indicates it was manufactured with a pistol grip stock.
  • The number to the right 5/6-01 indicates it was shipped on May 6, 1901.

  • Other Notations:
  • "Carb" indicates Carbine
  • "1/2 Oct" indicates 1/2 octagon and 1/2 round barrel
  • "Oct" indicates full octagon barrel
  • "Rd" indicates full round barrel
  • "ch" indicates checkered
  • "s.l." indicates 'select or set trigger'
  • "1/2m" indicates 1/2 magazine
  • If the listing only contains the serial number and the rest is blank, usually indicates that it was speciality engraved
    or somehow was a specially constructed rifle.